A person’s Yunnan Han Chinese clothing throughout the tour


Stay away trip looks beautiful, but somewhat risky, so they will not dare to try.
This is the first time that a person traveling alone, did not make any advance booking, food, shelter, find his or her own temporary.
All personal photos, all from the hands of a stranger, all the attractions, routes, basically by asking over.
Fortunately, before the envisaged and actually encountered many difficulties, basically solved successfully.
Along the way, a lot of strong local minority friends (Yi, Mosuo, Naxi, Tibetan, Bai, Wa),
Many people got help (volunteers, innkeeper, tourists, passers-by), be grateful.
With this post, I traveled to commemorate this section of the road, all the scenery seen,
There was accompanied on the road to different people.

Massive picture still finishing with the most beautiful Lugu Lake Town House

British road transport stock car body Airbus caused a traffic jam


On Sunday, a truck laden with huge empty passenger section of the fuselage, driving in the UK A419 lane, dragging it behind long queues of vehicles, thus took place in western Britain up to four hours of traffic jams. The Airbus fuselage was demolished about 47 meters and a width of 5.8 meters, around 6:00 departure from England Gloucestershire Cotswolds Ward airport.

76 people are still third overall concept is willing to recruit LeBron James Wong can come true

According to the American media, as the third overall pick in the NBA draft this year, although the injury needs rest period 恩比德 have not played a game so far, but by virtue of a series of funny than words and deeds, the top students in the University of Kansas , already in the league “popular.”

From recruiting LeBron – James, to take liberties with gold – Kardashian, to pursue Rihanna, not staged their first show in the NBA 恩比德 already through the microblogging let his name “Megatron Union” . Today, James Wong had already made ​​the decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, but for the league is now the first person, and En Bide already obsessed.

When asked to push Teti celebrity among the three, which is when he most wanted to be able to come true, En Bide tells James’s name. 76ers third overall pick, said: “I ​​would say that LeBron, because he will give us a better chance to win a championship.”

In addition to admire James capabilities, En Bide also a lot of players in the league it is worship. Prior to it, En Bide visit Philadelphia, he said: “I bought a lot of shirts, Dr. J, Allen – Allen Iverson, Hakeem Olajuwon, Tim – Tim Duncan, David – Robinson, Shaquille O’Neal (microblogging) these great NBA jerseys inside I bought. ”

Although the 76ers have become the league the past few seasons belly, but after signing En Bide, they are fully hope vision for the future, together with Noel and 迈卡威 76ers young “Big Three” in time completely able to lead the Philadelphia re-emergence.



Director: Kamil Di Lama Starring: Paul Walker / David Bailey / RZA / Gouchy / Boy / Cathari … Genre: Drama / Action / Crime Country: France and Canada Release date: 2014-08- 01 length: 91 minutes Synopsis: Detroit rampant crime, in order to protect public safety, the authorities isolated the city’s most dangerous criminals, place them in a fearsome evil restricted “red-brick DC” (Brick Mansions). “Brick Mansions red brick, DC,” is the city’s slums, snakes and evil here at hotbed, by government officials regarded the development of cancer in the city up.
Within the law of the jungle “red brick SAR” brutal cold because of the evil drug lord Tremaine core, undercover officers Damian (played by Paul Walker Paul Walker) has been hoping his justice. On the other hand, want to leave the area to lead a new life Lino (David Bailey David Belle ornaments), because his girlfriend Laura was abducted while Tremaine worried. Have a common enemy, from different worlds, different backgrounds Damian decided to join forces to deal with Lino Tremaine ……
The film remake of the 2004 French action film of the same name, “Violence, DC,” Paul Walker is the last complete works.

Microsoft China Century layoffs storm: foreign experience appease hard


Nadella has reached six months in power want to make Microsoft this giant elephant head becomes agile, unwieldy Nokia became the brunt of the knife goals.
After the original Nokia employees laid off nearly 90 percent, Nadella and Microsoft are experiencing layoffs in China, foreign companies can easily encounter problems – how to appease the retrenched employees.
Yesterday, a letter from the network spread before the letter claiming to be former employees of Nokia China. The letter cited the lack of current media occurred in August 1 of the dialogue between Microsoft and Nokia employees coverage, and make some so-called employee aspirations.
The former Nokia China layoff means that Microsoft will abandon its related businesses spend heavily in the acquisition. Part of Chinese employees were laid off from Nokia’s R & D center in Beijing Yizhuang.
Similar to other foreign companies in China, which offers a good working environment, including free drinks, low-cost but high-quality buffet. From the point of view of opening up over the testing center, where the concentration of a variety of specialized equipment to test the full range of Nokia mobile phones, such as the price of more than tens of millions of high-precision electron microscope, in the country a total of not more than 10 units.
More importantly, Yizhuang Nokia’s R & D center was considered to be the world’s leading R & D center, with total investment of nearly 500 million yuan park, mainly for research and development in emerging markets. Here is responsible for Nokia function machines and the subsequent development of a series of non-Windows Phone product, including carrying the Nokia X Series Android.
Similarly, the total number of employees of the former Nokia China ranks second of its branches worldwide. Progress here is related to the integration of Microsoft’s overall strategy to adjust deployment. Microsoft China is not left too much time, and the need to appease the work of patience and skill.
August 1, what happened?
Reports in the outside world, this day is described as: Microsoft China management program for the Nokia employee layoffs preach Nokia employees expressed dissatisfaction with Microsoft’s management staff on the spot and then boom will step down.
In the letter, claiming to be former employees of Nokia China, said the day is Microsoft China Jobs Team “Microsoft hiring process and job opportunities for preaching the General Assembly,” the program did not involve layoffs, and the persons did not answer the staff full of doubt . As for the employees emotional outbursts, in a letter to be attributed to the most urgent needs are not met, while Microsoft recruitment propaganda personnel bad attitude.
The “employee” also mentioned in the letter of the performance of the company union, said the site staff only Taking a loudspeaker. At 17:18 the same day, only to receive a message from the union for the matter. Thus, the outside world has seen the afternoon of August 1, hundreds of former employees of Nokia China gathered at the entrance of its headquarters in Yizhuang Park, there are some employees holding “Microsoft’s hostile takeover violent protest layoffs,” the banners and slogans.
Microsoft responded that China was “in close conversation to fully understand them (Yizhuang development center staff) concerns raised,” and “the company has been involved in and actively coordinate the first time, looking forward to the event can be satisfactorily resolved as soon as possible.” .
Contents of this letter and did not verify the identity of the poster.
Foreign layoffs common problem in China
Integration of Nokia China before layoffs storm delays in a few days, Microsoft has thus experiencing a lot of foreign companies in China when layoffs had suffered pains – communication barriers and solutions to match the demands of employees when.
, Similar to the requirements for IBM factory workers earlier this year after Lenovo acquired the former part of the business proposed demands put forward by the former Nokia employees also include direct dialogue with the high-level details of the agreement agreed to layoffs, as well as a clear way for employees planning.
In fact, although Microsoft announced layoffs compensation programs meet the requirements of section “Chinese labor law,” but not in the process of developing the employees open – this level employees identified as having become the main reason for secret operations.
In addition, before and after the commencement of the acquisition agreement, Microsoft has stressed the status quo will remain for some time. Therefore, Microsoft completed the acquisition of three months that is not announced layoffs, and layoffs, mostly when the original Nokia department, employee hereby affirm that the official is in breach of promise.
As for the post ahead of Nokia, Microsoft employees, because there is no channel to communicate directly with Microsoft hiring managers, so the scene August 1 communication but Microsoft is considered to be a social recruitment will preach. Although the process from the foreign point of view, this is not at fault, but certainly emotionally hurt served as an important sector of the front-line employees of Nokia.
Nadella consideration
Former Nokia employees in China and Microsoft is not out of the language of communication barriers, more is inconsistent processes, status and aspirations triggered.
And employee demands different, Nadella and Microsoft is hope as soon as possible to eliminate potential crisis.
Nokia’s earnings previous years, Microsoft acquired the equipment and services sector long-term at a loss. Even after being acquired by Microsoft, did not show signs of improvement.
Microsoft in the mobile hardware business in July released the latest quarterly results, acquisitions in the quarter just contributed $ 1.99 billion in revenue, its operating loss was as high as $ 692 million, and thus a drag on Microsoft’s net profit below the market expectations .
In addition, after completion of the acquisition, Microsoft is rapidly expanding the number of employees by 28%. This is for Microsoft, its per capita profit as old as IT companies to accelerate into the inefficient situation. And the staff is focused on redundancy before Nokia acquired business units.
“We are building a world where everything will be done through software.” Microsoft’s “Nadella New Deal” has gradually built up.
In a recent analyst meeting, Nadella said, “We will streamline the next generation Windows operating system, and the three existing operating systems into one system can cover all the screen size of the device.”
The move was interpreted as, Nadella will strengthen the Microsoft ecosystem. Clearly, support for the Android Nokia X is bound to stop, the other Nokia’s low-end products will also face the same problem.
With the Windows Phone powered Lumia product line gradually penetrate to the low-end, low-end Nokia’s existing product line causing the obstruction – the latter is by Beijing Yizhuang R & D center to be completed.
As a result, these departments and employees are no longer included in Microsoft’s future blueprint.

There are delicious fried rice dishes are unlimited


Recipes Story – ham fried rice
At the end, things particularly, to run every day, is not guaranteed until eleven o’clock the lunch ready, daughter back often fried hungry, need to prepare a good lunch with the fastest speed. Baked rice was originally going to do, and who knows Baked new jobs back after received a rotten, you need a replacement, it may not be used ah, then fried rice into it. Chubby plus salad dressing, taste and flavor are very good. 因沙拉 sauce itself contains oil, does not require much oil when fried rice, rice Stir capsules as distinct, strong flavor children.

Mei Mei: A lot of people think no matter how much money to spend but also with my sleep


Beijing Times reported on August 4 from “Red Event” to “260 million gambling debt,” Mei Mei red pole hype allow network. In the real world, the 90 girls are different people affixed label. Former boyfriend in the eyes of the “greed” in the eyes of gamblers is “vicious”, around the eyes is “chaos.”

>>> Click to watch “variety of the most explosive point”: Mei-US poor second counterattack good luck as good as “relaxed.”

Police handling the case said the lack of family education Mei Mei and her various acts exactly the same as their online show off their wealth, distorted values ​​a step to bring the law into the abyss.

And Mei Mei said to myself, is vanity harmed her, I recall that a few years doing the things she regrets. “I want a fresh start after they get out, do not go gambling, show off their wealth.”

A girl showing off

Dress to school unassuming, often absent, and often ambiguous play with naughty boys.

Mei Mei is Yiyang, Hunan, born in Shenzhen. Mei Mei’s mother Guo Dengfeng money after stocks ran a cafe, bathing center.

According to police investigators, Mei Mei was born in a single-parent family, whose father used to be a businessman, fraud convictions; great aunt was suspected of harboring prostitution; uncle but had been sentenced drug trafficking. Guo Dengfeng recreation center was set up long-term, living with his mother Mei Mei lack of education, according to which science teacher recalled that Mei-US dress provocative, often absent.

From primary to high school, Mei Mei was removed between Shenzhen and Yiyang school, high school graduation did not take the exam. September 2008, Mei Mei came to Beijing Film Academy of the Performing Arts refresher course on the year.

Mei Mei was arrested after police, local media interviews Hunan Mei-US former teachers and students, the teacher’s eyes, Mei-US high school age, “like painting a touch of eyeliner, wear fashionable clothes, always holding a pet dog in Yiyang shopping street. ”

Students said that, Mei-US childhood love to show off, and something special for fresh fashion obsessed. Students said, Mei Mei likes to disguise themselves in front of the teacher she was always well-behaved, but in real life, but “misdeeds”, she felt very pretty, often with naughty boys playing ambiguous.

Two unexpected fame

Speak out the truth today, with deep red will say sorry.

Mei Mei is not tall, thin, in the detention center, unloaded the makeup look is a normal girl. But is such a “normal” girl, let the “Red Cross” almost overnight become the target.

Mei Mei night jump “red”, also lead people to her and the relationship between Wang and Red speculation.

According to the Beijing police investigation, Wang Mei-US nurturing the same year, met with Wang in Beijing Weng acquired in a red fraternity Asset Management Limited, the company and a subsidiary of China Chamber of Commerce of China Red Cross Society to negotiate business development “China fraternity station” project. Wang said that under certain persuasion Weng, he invested 5 million shares. In the meantime, Weng responsible for the company’s recruitment of staff, and Mei Mei asked to do CEO, Wang told her to do anything.

In this regard, Mei Mei, said Wang Jun, after being nurturing, Wang did not want her to enter the entertainment industry, the company let her go to work, so she became the general manager, nothing to play games in the office, playing the file. Mei said the United States, playing microblogging, “out of a vanity,” she authentication into the “Red Cross commercial general manager.” Because of its large number of individual micro-Bo released a “show off their wealth,” content, users will Mei Mei and “China Red Cross Society” to promote the vortex of public opinion.

After Mei Mei led to a public storm, “Chinese fraternity station” Project abortion, China Business Red Cross has also been halted. Six months later, Wang Mei-Mei also severed contacts. According to the police investigation, and Guo Xing Mei-US persons Societies do not have any relationship.

Jocie Kok said her vanity to red will cause great negative impact, “I feel especially sorry to say the truth to come out today, with a deep red would say I’m sorry.”

3 ways to make money

I’m not missing those who want to nurturing me, there are a lot of people think no matter how much money to spend with my sleep.

“Red Event” Soon, Mei-US clarify and Red would have no relationship, but it seems to be willing to take the hype. In an interview with Lang on interviews, Mei Mei and mother throws to enter the entertainment news.

In the “godfather” Wang’s eyes, Mei Mei’s purpose is very strong, but they are step by step, began to acquire thirty thousand, and compiled a story to take the next fifty thousand, “she would see a man, saw the opportunity mature proposed to want this or that. “After “Red Event” and learned to be on the program Jocie Kok, Wang is very angry. “She is the nightmare of my life,” Wang said, “in order to name her reckless, do anything for money and I because she ruin, afraid to see her in this life.”

Police handling the case, said Mei Mei to be famous, using the Internet, media exposure and no bottom line to hype themselves, for she is already very much at home, “bad reputation but also the reputation of” Mei Mei says.

The police investigation found that many hype the event, even after Mei Mei was arrested for gambling, with his mother, “Guo mother flew overnight from returning to Japan” and other false message when Beijing police investigation appeared on the Internet, have suspected mastermind of the Mei-US conduct Internet hype. In this regard, the police are in-depth investigation.

In his frenzied speculation on the network simultaneously, Mei Mei also in another way to make money.

Mei reputation, after “Red event,” Mei Mei know a lot of people that name. “I really do not lack those who want to nurturing me, there are a lot of people think no matter how much money to spend with my sleep, but I will not go, because my people good face.” But that is not the case, according to the police investigation, through the online contact, as well as the initiative to strike up acquaintances, etc., Mei-US repeated transactions, up to a maximum of one hundred thousand dollars.

In addition, a way to make money gambling is Mei Mei, in addition to their full Candu, Mei-US use casino pumping money, a pumping 3% to 7%. Eventually, Mei Mei fell on gambling.


Mei Mei is how to “flip” into the

August 2011

After “Red Event” less than two months, Mei-US launched their latest single, “Ding Dong Girl”. That same month, Mei Mei to Balizhuang police station, said he and his family were strangers SMS harassment and harassment home, friends denounced it as their singles hype.

September 2012

Mei Mei microblogging sun since wearing Thai Buddha, claiming that “I was wearing and Cecilia, cross the same section of worship Buddha Di large mode” and said Xinyousuoshu in microblogging, happy, upload pictures from a large number of hot and claimed that expensive, you’re the one.

April 2013

Rendez-Vous many stars are involved in promiscuous party whirlpool, which also traced hooked Mei Mei Fu II refused. April 6, Mei-US through the microblogging responded, “I never look down,” denied that he participated in Rendez-Vous, do not forget again, “show off their wealth.” However, after the news that appeared in the film version of the Mei-US “Haitian feast”, was friends crazy tucao.

May 2013
Jocie Kok online crazy pass a sun figure, SMS screenshots on your card balance, showing the balance actually was 5,137,869,875.00 yuan, the figure of Mei Mei foot slipper 17,000 worth of scales, using the value of 200,000 phones. But then Mei-US conduct a denial.

December 2013

Mei Mei shot by self-financing and starred in the movie “I am Mei-US” shooting in Shenzhen. The film not only details of her and the “godfather” Wang and her boyfriend CO of two South African nationals, “romance”, and hang out, and even include the matter with the Red Cross, only in the movies, the red will be replaced by another one overseas charity.

April 2014

Macau a debt news website, said Mei-US owed ​​260 million yuan of the huge gambling debts have not yet repaid. Since then, sources said, Mei Mei to find a new backer, for their pay off nearly half the arrears. Both the news, after being confirmed are fictitious false news.

Gamon and famous saying of Warcraft Illidan most tragic role

Love never belong to the devil; hug you, even with my life to fight! “This is Illidan.

“I hate this world? Not, at least I’m still alive.” This is Gamon.

In addition to the tragedy, or the endless tragedy. But, they actually did something wrong? Why ending a bit cold? Why a dying one to live? Intricate destiny, our unpredictable, heroes and cowards, truth and betrayal just ages. But history has given judgment is often not fair, but it is sensible, but often very sad, but this is the interpretation of life!


Needless to say, the two historic tragedy of Warcraft characters – Gamon and Illidan Stormrage.

How many players will not forget the hands of the right Illidan Essien Azzinoth shining, but often do not care Dandan’s tragic life. Like magic wrong? But why be lonely imprisoned for a thousand years; pursue Tyrande wrong, right? But why she happens to love others; to force wrong? But why would lose Alsace; Temple refuge wrong? But why do we encounter Kil and Maiev Shadowsong kill. Looking back, the suffering memory vividly, Dandan certainly wrong, but such an outcome is really a fair thing for him? He will become a force to magic and demons, in order to use the egg knife had to get under his eyes, because Tyrande abandoned will produce resentment; however, he did have to pay a lot for this world. In contrast, their 哥哥玛法里奥 Stormrage, many people ridiculed it as a coward, always ask them to go when everything stands out, but that Tyrande choice, perhaps, no one will ever understand her choice.

Lead in August 21 listed the new preview of a new generation of Odyssey


In August listed the new preview the new Odyssey / update 408.
Enter August, car market trends and hot weather has the same attitude, almost all manufacturers in this month will be new to the market, to meet the golden nine silvers ten golden period. Coupled with the 8 end of Chengdu Motor Show, the new aspect of many. The concern of the new Odyssey, domestic ATS-L will be listed in this month, less than the independent brand, new models for its power is collective. Below we together have a look this month listing of the new car.
Guangzhou Honda new Odyssey
New aspect: the space upgrades, electric sliding door
Time to market: August 7th
We learned from the official, Guangzhou Honda new generation Odyssey will be listed in August 7th, according to the understanding, the new car will be launched in 5 different configuration models and 5 kinds of body color, while the wheelbase lengthened 70mm reached 2900mm, the whole system comes standard with the electric sliding door, the inner space is also a more flexible upgrade.

Models: Guangzhou Honda new generation Odyssey is actually based on the Japanese version of the G model to build, with a new appearance. The length and the width of the body height are 4830mm/1805mm/1695mm, wheelbase reached 2900mm, the vehicle has a significantly larger than the cash. The new car will be launched with 2.4L naturally aspirated engine comfortable edition, luxurious edition, wisdom enjoy version, enjoy version and the version of the 5 models, and sky blue, purple, red, dream gem Satin Silver and Pearl White 5 kinds of body color.

Yunnan Zhaotong 6.5 earthquake has caused 175 people were killed and thousands of people were injured


Yunnan province 175 people were killed, 181 missing, 1402 wounded (Qiaojia County, Zhaotong City, 49 people were killed, 1 missing, 102 injured; Ludian County, Zhaotong City, 122 people were killed, 180 missing, 1300 people were injured; 4 people died in Qujing city Huize County).
Yunnan net news (reporter Yang Zhihui) reporter from the Seismological Bureau of Yunnan province was informed that: according to Ludian County People’s government report, by 20 points, disasters caused by the county more than 120 deaths, 180 people missing, 1300 injured, destroying more than 12000 homes, damaged more than 30000, the disaster area traffic, electric power, communication comprehensive interrupt. The civil affairs departments to local news, 4 people died in Yunnan Huize County, Qiaojia County, 26 people died, according to incomplete statistics, the earthquake has caused more than 150 people were killed.
In new network on 3 August, a reporter from the Yunnan Provincial Seismological Bureau was informed that: according to the Qujing Seismological Bureau report, Yunnan Ludian earthquake of magnitude 6.5 in Huize County, Ludian County, 4 people were killed, the death toll to 7. Prior to the Qiaojia County, 26 people have been killed, the death toll increased to 37.
Earthquake experts to CCTV, 6.5 earthquake in Ludian County, Yunnan in 18 years the highest magnitude earthquake, forming a lake Ludian Yue Hong Xiang Hong Shi yan.
Ludian county Party committee and director of general office Yan Zhengquan told Chinese Youth Daily reporter, he saw in the epicenter of the leading town scene: from Sha Ba Cun, leading to the mountain town 7.5 km distance, traffic paralyzed, five hundred or six hundred houses collapsed, including a school, hospital, police station, the ruins. On his way to the masses to incomplete statistics, 60 people have died around.
According to the determination, Chinese seismic network sixteen thirty on August 3rd, Ludian County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan province (27.1 degrees north latitude, 103.3 degrees east longitude) occurred in 6.5 earthquake, the focal depth of 12 km.
According to the earthquake disaster, the governor of Yunnan province Li Jiheng immediately rate of the provincial government working group rushed to the disaster area, the organization to carry out relief work, Disaster Reduction Committee in Yunnan Province, the Civil Affairs Department of start II disaster emergency response to Ludian County, the allocation of 2000 tents, 500 pieces of colored cloth, 3000 sets of folding bed, 3000 quilts, 3000 cotton padded clothes and other relief materials. According to the Yunnan provincial Civil Affairs Department report, preliminary statistics, as of eighteen fifty, the earthquake has caused 26 people dead in Qiaojia County, 2 missing, 79 wounded (7 seriously), the disaster is further statistics.
According to the rapid assessment of the National Disaster Reduction Center of the Ministry of civil affairs, earthquake epicenter about 1600 meters above sea level, the highest intensity of 8 degree, an area of about 70 square kilometers, population is about 3200 people; area VII area about 1400 square kilometers, a population of about 222000 people affected; area Ⅵ degree area of about 8200 square kilometers, population about 1880000 people; area V degree area about 37000 square kilometers, a population of about 4664000 people affected.