The Argentina midfielder Sike: weapon! Create space for Messi

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil has reached the final climax. For the first time in 24 years, the Argentina national team once again qualified for the world cup, Beijing time on July 14th at 3:00, the Biancocelesti will be satisfied with the German team for the World Cup Stadium in Rio de Janeiro maraca. War is coming, “the star” Maradona to seize the time to the Argentina team brainstorming: midfield pressing, breaking the german!

During the world cup, Maradona should be invited Venezuela Telesur television, in a file called “ball guests as daytime TV program in De Zurda”. In talking about the World Cup finals, Maradona made it clear that, for Argentina to win the race, we must try every way from midfield began to suppress opponents, trying to curb German creative players play, to give the front line in the greatest degree of Messi, Gonzalo Higuain created the play space. Maradona said: “for the Argentina team, must be started from the midfield battle, we have fought for every ball, only in this way, can give the offensive end of Messi and Gonzalo Higuain to provide maximum support.”

In the world cup, the German team has to 4-0, the score 7-1 big massacre of Portugal, Brazil, but in Albania against Garner, seemingly the strength of weak team, from the scene to the final score, the German tanks were not occupy obvious advantage. In Maradona’s opinion, the reason why there is such a seemingly illogical results, because Portugal, Brazil in a midfield to Germany too much freedom, while Algeria and Garner is different, the two teams every inch of grass on the pitch with the German people are sike.

Is the cup belonging in this battle of life and death, Maradona hopes that the Argentina team to face, with great courage. He said: “we need to come up with the Indians on a PK duel courage to face germany. I hope Savelli A can look good, what Garner and Algeria team is how to deal with the Germans, the two teams have never let the German team to take the ball, every time a German players have the ball, his 2 metres there must be other players come on anti.”

Finally, Maradona expressed his concern for Messi’s physical condition, he said: “the only thing I worry about, is Messi’s physical condition, in a game against the Holland team, he looks very tired, even has the symptoms of dyspnea. But I believe that, before the final battle, Messi will certainly be able to adjust their body state.”

Snowden revealed that the Muslim leader mailbox by NSA and FBI monitoring

Snowden revealed that the Muslim leader mailbox by NSA and FBI monitoring

In the intercept, a civil liberties groups America asked President Obama to monitor gives domestic open to interpretation. CFP diagram

According to USA news website The Intercept7 reported on 9, Snowden’s latest revelations, USA NSA (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) said to the American Muslim elite email account to monitoring, monitoring USA Muslim including the Republican candidate, veterans, the civil rights movement activists, university professors and lawyers. The event has been published by Snowden leaked documents before the “Guardian” reporter Greenwald in the intercept first reported.

In Snowden’s paper, the monitoring in the list of the NSA, codenamed “FISA recap” in the form of. Table shows, during 2002 to 2008, a total of 7485 email accounts to be monitored. The majority of the mailbox owner is American government recognized and Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah have contact.

Snowden provides a Muslim has been monitoring the list, including the following five:
Faisal Gill, the senior Republican, served as public officials candidates, with top secret security clearance, the George W. Bush administration has played in the Department of homeland security;

Asim Ghafoor, a well-known lawyer, has been acting involved with terrorist events;
Hooshang Amirahmadi, Iran American, Professor of international relations at Rutgers university;

Agha Saeed, a former University of California political science professor, support the Muslim civil rights movement and the Palestinian authority;

Nihad Awad, American — – Islamic Relations Committee American largest Muslim civil rights organization (CAIR) executive director.

America Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) setting mechanism monitors American citizens for America government, is the premise of intelligence agencies believe to be monitored are linked object and “external forces”, such as a terrorist attack. But in the definition of FISA, “the external organization” itself is a broad term, may include some “headquarters in foreign political organizations”, can also include “a history of immigration of Americans” etc..

The Greenwald report is issued, NSA and America judiciary respond promptly. They stressed, American citizens email will be monitored only in certain conditions. They said in a joint statement,: “American intelligence simply because the politicians, the people of different faiths and social celebrities on social policy held different opinions, criticism of the government or the exercise of constitutional rights, for they monitor, this is completely wrong”.

Gill as a Republican candidate Senator Virginia and representative, his Yahoo! And AOL mailbox has been monitoring. For this he said: “I just don’t understand why. I have tried with all my efforts to become a patriot. I served in the work of the government, actively participate in community affairs, but also in the navy. I think I’ve done everything a good citizen can do”.

Last year, former employees of NSA Snowden to the “Washington Post” and “the guardian” revealed a large number of NSA archive. These files show, NSA scan tens of thousands of American computer folder.

At the beginning of this year, the house of Representatives passed American Freedom Act (USA Freedom Act). The bill would prevent NAS capture and storage America citizens to access the Internet and phone records.

In mid June this year, the house of representatives in USA passed an amendment, to implement the management of online monitoring. According to reports, the bill put together by Senator Justin Amash and Thomas Massie, aims to limit NSA monitoring project, the amendment has been passed in the house of representatives. The bill would stop NSA for monitoring includes several contents e-mail, web browsing, chat records, the records. The amendment will mainly through two paths to achieve the goal: to turn off the NSA and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) online services and products of the “back door”; to stop America citizen data search.

In the intercept, a civil liberties groups America asked President Obama to monitor gives domestic open to interpretation.